Insta Mouse Pads Featured at our Booth at the SGIA Expo 2017

Using our Transpire sublimation heat transfer, we are able to apply custom designs to mouse pads. We will have samples at the SGIA EXPO this October. Come by our booth and check them out, along with our other featured transfers and heat press machines.

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Make This World a Place for Peace

Today is International Peace Day! We invite you to join or organize a public or private activity related to peace. Spread the word about International Peace Day or attend an event in your community. Let’s make the world a better place!

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Artwork Considerations for Puff / Embossed Heat Transfers

lizardAdding a dimension to any graphic design can completely enhance the visual appearance of the graphic and make it more desirable. But what about the artwork involved? Chris Pluck’s tip on this topic was recently published in Impressions:

When preparing art that will be used with an embossed graphic it is important to take a moment to understand how the artwork needs to be constructed in order to be able to truly capture the value that an embossed image can bring to the overall design.

If the chosen graphic image is one that has fine line detail and high definition, then the artist needs to take this into consideration when deciding where the puff / embossed segments of the design will be incorporated, as a puff image that has fine line high definition will not show the loft effect in its best light. Also, the puffed fine line image will not have the  stretch and tensile strength to hold together because the puff line will only cover a tiny part of the fabric, which in turn does not allow for the transfer to be robust enough to withstand repeated stretch and washing procedures.

Insta10Usually the silk screen mesh diameter is increased (lower mesh counts) to allow for a heavier deposit of the puff ink to be printed. Of course much depends on the requirement from the artist for the height and finish of the puff. As a rule of thumb, the more puff ink that is applied to the transfer paper the higher the puffed image.

When the artist has a need to add a special effect like a suede or leather faux finish to the transfer graphic, the puff image is usually only a raised form or shape, as a high loft puff image would spoil the faux effect.

The puff and embossed graphic image in heat transfers shows no sign of slowing down as it is a much used and highly sought after effect. When originating a new graphic it makes sense to contact Insta Graphic Systems to ask about their embossed products to create a fantastic wearable transfer finish.

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Up to the Challenge – INFINITY™ Heat Transfer

Infinity Hammer

The CrossFit Games, taking place Aug 3-6, 2017, is the world’s premier test to find the “Fittest on Earth™.” The Games were designed to provide the truest measure of an athlete’s physical capabilities and endurance.

When attacking the most grueling of substrate challenges, don’t let your image hold you back. With the CrossFit games coming up, trust INFINITY™ to be right there with you when you are pushing your TEAM to the limit.

INFINITY™ is a Universal heat transfer that has been specifically designed to create full color photo-realistic images yet is durable and tough enough to withstand the incredible demands of strength and pysical exertion.

INFINITY™ has exceptional detail, great stretch, soft hand, is halo free, and available in short and long runs.

Hammer Crossfit

INFINITY™ is a multi-functional heat transfer DESIGNED and TESTED for the FITTEST on EARTH.  


  • Full color Photo Realistic Images
  • High Definition
  • Unlimited number of colors
  • Short & long runs
  • Stretchable
  • Fabric dye bleed resistant blocker
  • Halo Free
  • Printed on Semi-transparent film for easy application positioning
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Non-phthalate / non-PVC
  • Made in USA

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Look Who is Using Ultima™


The perfect heat transfer solution for Performance Fabrics


Here’s what Fashion Fusion has to say about their Sigma Sector 33 brand Ultima™ transfers:

“…it took me years to find you and thank God as you are the best label makers in the whole country. Your quality and expertise is second to none…Yes, I only use Insta labels.”

The Industry’s Premium Stretchable Heat Transfer

Ultima™ is a versatile multi-purpose stretchable heat transfer for synthetic fabrics. It has been specifically developed for performance materials like Spandex, Lycra and Neoprene and is made to stretch with the fabric without cracking or losing shape.

Get Ultima For Your Business 

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